Obwohls in Englisch ist^^ und wahrscheinlich grottenschlecht... aber egal 
"So this is love", says the little tiger...
"Well, which love do you really mean?", asks his girlfriend... the little tigerlady
"The love which keeps your heart warm... which will bring you trouble, but nice one, because you are never alone!!!"
"I cannot follow..."
"I will repeat it... Love is such a big thing, you cannot decide where it starts or where it ends. But if you fell in love, your heart beats a new rythm..."
"This badambabababadam?"
"Something like this. It is warm..."
"Like fire?"
"No, it doesn't deflagrate your heart, it burns to hold you warm."
"What's about this little butterflies?"
"It's like kidding in your tummy, isn't it? How do you feel, when I touch you like this?"
The little tiger touchs with his taw hers.
"It feels like I'm getting crazy and nervous."
"So, it's the right way... How do you feel when I look into your eyes?"
"I smelt away..." She smiles and kisses her tiger on the cheek.
"I like it, when you try to explain what love means to us."
"Maybe our love is to big to explain everything, but maybe, to explain how I'm getting nervous in your surrounding. I love you..."
"I love you too..."